Czech ombudsman takes up case of Chinese Christians seeking asylum

Date of article: 02/01/2018

Daily News of: 08/01/2018

Country:  Czechia

Author: Czech Public Defender of Rights

Article language: en

The Czech ombudsman has taken up the case of around 70 Chinese Christians who applied for asylum in the Czech Republic on the grounds that they fear persecution at home.

Examination of the cases appear to be taking a very long time (some of the cases date back around two years) and the watchdog says in media it has so far received no replies so far to its request for explanations from the Ministry of Interior.

Ombudsman Anna Šabatová took up the case on her own initiation: "We informed the Ministry of Interior officially that we have launched administrative procedures and lodged five questions with them seeking answers. And we sought deadlines when we can look at the documents. Until those deadlines expire nothing will happen. It would not be exceptional if the ministry does not reply in time. Unfortunately this section for asylum and migration policy often cooperates in a very unenthusiastic fashion and I think that could also be the subject of procedural steps as well."


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